Best Resorts Near Noida for Day Outing!

Welcome to Mango Tree Resorts

The life in the cities is harsh, monotonous and full of stress. But more than all these, what makes life in cities hard is that feeling of suffocation that you feel sometimes. The feeling when you just want to run away from everything to some place near nature where you can heal yourself and find your lost peace! But in this polluted world it is hard to find such a place in this polluted world!

To solve this problem, Mango Tree resorts has created one of the best resorts near Noida for Day Outing or a vacation.

  • So whether you just need a weekend or a day out from your work.
  • Or you are looking for a vacation with your family.
  • Or you are an adventurer looking to spend some time and have adventurous activities along with luxuries.

Mango tree resorts is for you!

Surrounded by lush green trees over 9 acres, allow us to give you amazing adventurous and pure location to enjoy your days away from the cities. We have indoor recreation rooms for people who prefer indoor games and outdoor activities for the more adventurous people who love to face challenges.

Some of the activities that you can enjoy at mango tree resorts are:

  • Swimming pool
  • Play zone
  • Bonfire
  • Fitness centre
  • Sports like badminton, cycling, football, cricket, and golf as well.

But we are not only limited to fun-loving people who are looking to take a break. The gates and arms of mango tree resorts are also opened for:

  • Couples that are looking for a natural wedding destination.
  • Families and friends looking to celebrate some special event

We have locations to organize pre-wedding rituals and even the main day event. We have venues for pre-wedding rituals as well as the main day event. We also have indoor locations and luxurious cottages where 1,000 wedding and event participants can relax. And our food! Our customers have said that our Indian and continental dishes are one of the things that make them come back to us again and again. These dishes are prepared from raw ingredients freshly plucked from the huge gardens that are far away from the cities to be polluted.

But we are not closed yet!

Our Mango tree resort is opened for:

  • Businessmen looking for a place to hold professional meetings
  • People looking to organize professional corporate events

For these people, we have indoor conference rooms and meeting halls that can take care of all their necessities!

Luxurious Accommodation in One of the Best Resorts Near Noida for Weekend

At mango tree resorts, you can stay in luxurious accommodations such as premium and delux luxurious cottages and enjoy the beauty of nature through your windows!

Mango Tree Resorts is a place that even your pets will love!

And on top of that, you have the benefit of staff members who will provide you with the best services you've ever had! They are professionals who are fully trained, understand your needs and desires, and do not interfere with your privacy.

So this time, take your vacation with us. We are waiting for you!

Rejuvenate your spirit in the Mango orchids in our serene accommodation. Find an oasis of relaxation in the 31 cottages coalesces rustic elements with contemporary designs.

The Mango tree resort offers cottages that overlook the picturesque garden or pool. Settle down amidst these beautiful surroundings in a resort that effortlessly integrates modern luxury with nature. The cottages reflect a thoughtful harmony of elegant furnishing and modern technologies. We are one of the best resorts near Noida for weekend.